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Football Squares the Game

A UX Story

Football Squares the Game is an app that lets users play football squares interactively. It is designed to take advantage of today’s technology so that, instead of getting stuck with lousy squares, players can move to a new square to prolong the fun; all while helping them feel like it’s the old game, just on an iPad.

Context of The Project

I worked on this project part-time with a friend while I worked full-time in another field.

The task was to create a new spin on an old game and make it user-friendly for a wide range of players. At the end of the project, the final goal was to have an app that helped make Super Bowl parties more enjoyable.

The app met Apple’s standards and is available on the App Store.


UX researcher & designer & interactions

Visual design



Make a prototype

Make an MVP

Pass Apple standards

Delight users


Pencil & paper

Card sorts

Adobe Creative Suite

Balsamiq Mockups



Product strategy

Personas/User stories


User research

Usability testing


While we follow a lean UX process, the rules are (secretly) meant to be broken, and so we do!




Udacity offers demo materials for students who wish to move along faster in the course.

Course Path

I used most of the available time creating my own concept, storyboard, and prototype.

To save time I skipped doing my own user testing and analyzed their user testing demo when writing my summary report.

Football Squares the Game

A UX Story

American Football

Football Squares the Game was designed for the iPad and allows users to play football squares interactively. Instead of getting stuck with lousy squares after the initial drawing, players can take advantage of its main feature to prolong the excitement beyond what a conventional game can do.

Let’s go through the user experience (UX) design process and explain the overall goals for improving the product and delivering a better experience.


What’s the problem?

That’s because the game is practically rigged.

The numbers 0, 7, and 3 almost have better odds than all the other numbers combined!

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